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Rosh Hashana

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Rosh Hashana

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Here's to a sweet new year for all!

Rosh Hashana is that time of year when family and friends seek to wish each other "a sweet new year", the traditional jewish blessing for the Jewish New Year Holiday.

Traditional jewish themes for Rosh Hashana that we've included in our gift baskets for Rosh Hashana:


What a better way to wish for a sweet new year than a jar dripping sticky sweetness?

Jewish traditions and customs for Rosh Hashana include the use of honey to symbolize sweet beginnings. World of Goodies gift baskets for Rosh Hashana include elegant honey jars, honey sticks, and honey dippers. Rosh Hashana honey gifts can grace the table of a Rosh Hashana meal and that makes for a great, classy gift.


Simply sweet, the apple is the customary fruit to dip into the honey.

Apples are featured in many of our Rosh Hashana gift baskets with sweets! Food gift packages that are placed in adorable apple shaped baskets or filled with apple themed candy will certainly convey the greetings of the season!

Sweets of any kind!

With sweetness being the focus, a gift basket with sweets is certainly the way to go!

Candy baskets delivered are the perfect means to express best wishes before the holiday to friends, family, and business associates.

Being invited to celebrate the Holiday? A kosher gift basket to bring as a housewarming gift for a Jewish family is sure to brighten your stay.

Say it with sweets! Which will be your sweet food gift?